Monday, October 28, 2013

The Journey to Be Known

Our social mission will take us a step further at the end of the year. We’re changing our business model and moving from B2C to B2B.  After December 31, 2013 the cards that we sell to consumers will be limited to the social challenges that we launch throughout the year. We’re moving our distribution focus to wholesale. The move will support our efforts to get our cards into the hands of consumers faster and more conveniently.

In addition, the decision to switch our business model directly relates to our goal of becoming more visible within the community that we operate our business. For the remaining months of this year, our focus will shift towards finding suitable area small businesses and shops that will carry a specially designed line of cards from LilMsSophia Greetings and Invites.

Our focus for consumers will remain on spreading  the word of our social challenges such as our recently launched, #GratitudeChallenge. Periodically, we will launch such challenges to help support our goal to be a socially responsible company.

 We are very excited about this major leap in helping to establish Sophia Crawford LLC and its Divisions as a local household brand within the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Stay tuned and follow our blog for more updates regarding our new journey.

Lil Ms Sophia Greetings and Invites is a Division of Sophia Crawford LLC.