Sunday, November 10, 2013

For the Love of Vanilla…..Madagascar That Is!!!

Today's post is actually a product review for a very dear friend of mine. Mrs. Andrea Sutton Donaldson.  Andrea is a confectioner of the sweetest sweets and treats you could buy. She's the owner of Andi's Cakes and Candies. She's been satisfying the sweet tooth of family, friends and customers since her college days.

Not only does she bake everything from scratch, she also makes some of the ingredients too. One of those fantastic ingredients in pure Madagascar Vanilla… let me tell you its hmm hmmm good!

Pure Madagascar Vanilla Produced by Andi's Cakes and Candies
She's forever teasing us with wonderful pictures on her Facebook page and when I saw that she was making that vanilla I jumped on it.
An Original Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake from  Andi's Cakes and Candies
She told me that she was only making batches as Christmas gifts but I convinced her to sell a few bottles to me. There's nothing like being able to brag about baking using an exclusive product not available in stores. Sort of makes you feel like Betty Crocker for a moment.

Chocolate Whiskey Infused Cookies

I used the Madagascar Vanilla to flavor my whiskey infused chocolate cookie recipe and the flavor was so on point that I couldn't stop nibbling on the cookie dough.  Once the cookies were baked it was hmm hmm flavor heaven.
The final cookie and the winning Madagascar Vanilla

Now while your chances of getting that Madagascar Vanilla are slim (he he he he) I definitely recommend that you check out Andi's Cakes and Candies to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.


Andrea Sutton-Donaldson
Andrea is a Mother, Wife, and Small Business Owner. You can connect with her through her website or  Facebook Fan Page.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Holiday Mail for Heros

With our #GratitudeChallenge soon coming to a close on Thanksgiving, we were on the lookout  for another opportunity to further the social mission of Lil Ms Sophia Greetings and Invites.

Well low and behold while on Google+ promoting our #GratitudeChallenge we came across this photo:

The Red Cross #HolidayMail for Heroes Program
Curious to learn more we did a Google Search and found out that it was a program offered yearly thorugh the American Red Cross. 

Immediately after visiting the American Red Cross site and reading about the program I knew this would be our next social mission. Our military members sacrifice so much for our nation's freedom surely we could all find the compassion in our hearts to take a moment to send them a card.

So with that being said our #HolidayMail Challenge will begin on Tuesday, November 5th and it will end one week from the deadline on November 29th. 

We will offer large 5x7 custom designed Christmas cards for $4.00 each. We'll include a self-addressed stamped envelope for you to mail to the designated delivery PO Box too.

Once you receive your card from us simply sign it, seal and mail it off. All cards will be designed to ensure they follow the guidelines issued by the American Red Cross.

By Christmas time someone in the military, who will be on active duty instead of home with family,will have a Christmas card from you and an abundance of gratitude in their heart for your kindness.